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Demystifying Aged Care Platforms: Mable Pioneers Choice and Compliance


Mable, a leading health tech solution, uses data-driven innovations to improve service delivery quality, achieve better matches between clients and support workers, and enable aged care providers to meet their regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Mable Co-Founder and CEO Tony Charara said, “Technology is revolutionising aged care and disability support, but it’s essential to make it accessible and user-friendly for all stakeholders.”

At the 5th annual Aged Care Week conference on 26 June, Charara will join home and residential care providers for a panel discussion to explore how technology and innovation can improve care for older people while ensuring best practices and managing the burgeoning sector compliance requirements. Other topics to be covered include understanding the impacts of the Aged Care Taskforce recommendations and the implications of the new Aged Care Act for providers and clients.

Charara said Mable’s growing business partnerships model now services more than 170 aged care providers.

Aged care providers sourcing client services are supported by direct access to a specialist team providing organisations of all sizes with a one-stop option for managing their clients’ care and support needs.

“Through Mable, aged care providers can manage multiple clients’ support needs efficiently by connecting with thousands of support workers who have been through Mable’s rigorous onboarding process. This means that finding and connecting with support workers can be done quickly, resulting in clients receiving the care they need sooner,” Charara said.

Mable’s in-platform tools ease the administration load of managing clients with offerings such as templated agreements and job posts. The reporting tools assist in maintaining regulatory compliance requirements, including having a process for incident reporting and housing support session notes in one central location.

Mable’s Head of Business Partnerships, Luke Van Schie, said, “Mable supports people’s choice and control while ensuring that aged care providers have the appropriate safeguards for their clients, can meet their compliance obligations and easily manage high-volume caseloads via the platform.

“Being a health tech company means that aged care providers have all the advantages of innovative technologies, such as how we have incorporated AI moderation to keep our community safe while also knowing quality services are being delivered to their clients.

“Embracing innovative solutions allows us to improve people’s lives, promote independence, and provide personalised, proactive care that meets each person’s unique needs,” Van Schie said.

Lexie Dennis, General Manager at Hazel Homecare, a regular user of Mable, expresses their reasons for choosing Mable. 

“Mable helps us fill the gaps when staff are off sick or unavailable. It’s crucial for us to maintain continuity of care for our clients, and Mable provides us with a pool of qualified support workers we can rely on. The platform provides much more choice and control and a quick and simple solution to finding staff. It offers a more tailored option for service users and their specific needs. Plus, it’s safer as you can sift through each person’s individual profile,” Dennis said.

Charara said technology is playing a significant role in today’s society.

“From accessing essential services to connecting with loved ones, technology plays a critical role in people’s everyday lives. Which is why we are dedicated to advocating for a care and support sector that embraces the efficiencies and benefits that can come from greater adoption of innovative solutions like Mable,” Charara said.

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