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Dementia and how Australia cares for the people living with the disease


A dementia-friendly community may be a place where people living with the disorder are supported to measure a top quality of life with meaning, purpose, and value.  – Dementia Australia

In Australia there are currently 430,000 people alive with dementia, of those, 70% of them are dementia resides within the community. This number goes to still increase, so what is often done beyond purely providing services?

In the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we’ve got recognized the Northern Beaches Dementia Alliance and a wider social unit that will oversee and assist the local dementia-friendly community scheme. Although we aim to own all-inclusiveness and social change within the community for people living with the illness, we’ve got created the scheme as a collaborative education prospect for providers moreover because of the community.

Our Alliance and dealing party comprised of several local organizations, businesses, community services, and groups. we’ve got also enlisted local aged care service providers, people living dementia, and their carers. As a result of the plan, there are several benefits to numerous stakeholders including people living with the disease and their carers, area people members, service providers.

By teaching the community and creating social and physical surroundings that are inclusive, harmless, and supportive for people living with dementia; we aim to extend the standard of life. Physical surroundings that are friendlier for patients and have the potential to decrease avoidable falls and preventable hospitalizations. Supportive and patient-friendly social surroundings will potentially decrease the bearing of caring for somebody living with dementia and cut early admittances into residential aged care facilities. By improving the social and physical surroundings, we are going to also see a visit to the prices related to dementia care and pointless services.

A hefty focus of the plan is education to extend awareness and reduce the stigma associated with the said illness. Education is intended for college kids, area people members, local businesses, and aged care services providers and can showcase principles to guide individuals and organizations. Through partaking during this plan, the Northern Beaches Community has the chance to practice community cohesion in support of individuals living with dementia. Furthermore, organizations will work collaboratively along with people living with dementia and their carers to advance their business practice and be openly recognized as dementia-friendly.

During the method of design, application, and evaluation of the plan activities, service providers are engrossed in and engaged with the area people, people living with this disorder and their carers. Consequently, provider knowledge of dementia is improved. Additionally, the provider understanding of the rounded needs and desires of somebody living with the disorder (outside of the clinical context) are improved and encourage innovative and artistic models of care. As providers engage with the community during a meaningful and collaborative context, their capability to anticipate the wants and desires of future generations is heightened. Resultantly we hope to work out developments in strategic planning and innovation to satisfy these requirements and desires.

This symbolizes a visit to the ocean/ripple to begin the surge of social policy. As more communities stand with their members who reside with the disease we are going to see larger benefits for the broader society.

Written by: Ilsa Bird
Northern Beaches Dementia Friendly Community Project Manager, Your Side


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