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Can Technology Put the Elderly at the Centre of their Care?


Technology and therefore the elderly could seem such as you are attempting to couple to water and electricity, but new advantages within the sector are seeing innovation putting the buyer before of mind.

Silver Chain is trailing ‘holoportation’ to deliver out-of-the-way consultations. Doctors can appear in real-time as holograms via a holographic computer which is worn as a headset.

This will remove the time-consuming and infrequently fatiguing experience for elderly residents of being physically transported to a building.

The expansion of a wise robotic companion, skilled enough to assist the elderly with everyday chores, has received a $1 million grant from NSFA. Brown and American toy manufacturer Hasbro have made a cooperative partnership to feature AI abilities to Hasbro’s Joy for All Companion Pets.

While the robotic cats and dogs deliver companionship, they’ll even be able to assist senior citizens with responsibilities like finding lost objects, medication alerts or allow them to know that it’s time to try to do something.

In another world first, Australian aged care provider IRT Group has united with UK Company RDM Autonomous to deliver driverless cars to aged care. Testing will occur at the Canberra-based facility this year before moving up to Brisbane.

Pod Zero can carefully navigate private roads within IRT and residents will be able to hail the vehicle to jaunt appointments and/or social activities.

We can anticipate seeing further innovation within the space given the discharge of the Technology Roadmap for Aged Care which offers guidance and a framework for incorporating technology in aged care which can warrant independence, choice, and control for consumers.


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