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In the realm of nursing education, a guiding light shines from Down Under, in the heart of Parramatta, Australia. Meet Ross Pancho, RN, MN, MACN, the dedicated and visionary nurse educator at the Australian College of Nursing.

Beyond his role at the College, Ross is a beacon of knowledge and a driving force behind the Emerging Clinical Nursing Education Series (ECNES). This groundbreaking initiative, one of the component projects of the Caring for Goodness program, is supported by Shearwater Health Inc., a leading global healthcare technology solutions provider based in Tennessee, USA.

ECNES: Nurturing Excellence in Clinical Teaching

The Emerging Clinical Nursing Education Series is more than just a series of lectures; it’s a transformative journey designed to empower nursing professionals with valuable insights, knowledge and skills to elevate their clinical teaching abilities.

Developed by the Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network and delivered by nursing education experts from Australia and the United States, this series comprises a comprehensive curriculum of eight modules. With over 150 enthusiastic participants from Region 6 in Western Visayas, Philippines, ECNES is already making a significant impact.

One remarkable aspect of ECNES is that completing all the modules entitles participants to obtain 22 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units, a credential accredited by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC). This represents a golden opportunity for nursing professionals to enhance their professional growth and expand their expertise in clinical nursing education.

Ross Pancho: Catalyst for Change

In his inspiring message, Ross Pancho eloquently emphasises the significance of clinical education in nursing, particularly in the dynamic landscape of the Philippine healthcare sector.

As the sector evolves and expands, the need to support nurses in becoming clinical educators becomes even more vital. Ross, a fervent advocate for education and the growth of future nurses, lauds the ECNES as a stepping stone to extend his support to Filipino nurses. He encourages them to reevaluate the importance of education in nursing and its crucial role in the future advancement of the profession.

The ECNES serves as a platform for Filipino nurses to discuss, explore and understand the paramount importance of clinical education in their daily practice. It sheds light on the pivotal role of clinical experience in honing practical skills, underscoring how these experiences form the bedrock of their ability to provide safe and effective care to patients. 

A Call to Elevate Clinical Education

Ross acknowledges one of the most challenging aspects of clinical education in the Philippine healthcare system – the lack of sincere appreciation for the pivotal role of education in clinical practice. 

Often, the mentoring of new nurses follows an unstructured path, leading to inconsistencies and biases. This poses risks to patient safety, which goes against the very essence of the nursing profession.

In response, Ross calls upon healthcare professionals to commit to continuous learning and skill development, advocating for resources and opportunities for nurses to participate in clinical education programs. He underscores the need to recognise and promote the role of clinical educators, mentoring programs and collaborative learning environments. These initiatives, Ross believes, will ensure that clinical education remains a cornerstone of nursing practice in the Philippines, reinforcing the strength of our healthcare system through quality nursing care.

A Bright Future Beckons

In concluding his message, Ross reaffirms the shared commitment to enhancing clinical education in nursing. The ECNES, he notes, is a promising first step, and it now falls upon each individual to apply the insights gained in their practice. A call to action resonates through Ross’s words. Everyone has a role to play, advocating for continuous learning, supporting clinical educators, and fostering a culture of professional development. By promoting these principles, the impact on our healthcare system will be profound, setting the stage for a brighter future.

Ross Pancho’s dedication and passion are beacons of hope for nursing education in the Philippines. His words inspire us all to champion the cause of excellence in clinical education, united in the pursuit of a healthcare system guided by our shared dedication to excellence. 

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As Executive Director of Filipino Nursing Diaspora Network, Dr. Babate spearheads strategic initiatives, nurturing a strong sense of community among Filipino nurses across the globe. His visionary leadership fosters collaboration, empowers nurses, and advocates for the recognition of their invaluable contributions in the healthcare sector.


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