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Coronavirus: Bondi Beach is now home to a drive-through testing clinic


With the COVID-19 crisis looming large on the Australian economy & environment, there has been an amazing display of generosity from individuals and businesses who feel they have a responsibility to help – particularly to help those who are on the front line and are fighting to save lives.

Leveraging fabric shelter knowledge, supply chain, partnerships, and other relationships; Allshelter, a fabric shelter manufacturer, quickly came up with a helpful solution that could support our communities through this crisis.

Fabric Shelters for Drive Through COVID-19 Testing Clinics

Bondi Beach is now home to a Drive Through COVID-19 Testing Clinic, which has meant testing capacity is increased this COVID hotspot. Allshelter donated a ground-mounted fabric shelter to St Vincent Hospital, which has been installed on Bondi Beach and is used as a Drive Through COVID-19 Testing Clinic. It’s proven to be a very convenient testing process for the public as they can stay in their cars whilst the testing is being done.

The fabric shelter is constructed from high-strength woven polyethylene fabric, tensioned over curved, heavy-duty, light-weight steel framework. This curved profile has incredible strength – this shelter can withstand winds of 170km/h!

This shelter’s a huge advantage for the St Vincent Hospital medical staff, for two reasons:

  • Natural Lighting – the fabric lets the light in even on grey days so there is no need for lighting inside the shelter during the day when testing is being done
  • Relocatable – The shelter was installed very rapidly on-site, but the fact it is relocatable means it can be dismantled and re-installed elsewhere when it is finished with.

How does it work?

There is a large area where cars can line up whilst waiting to be tested. They’re then required to fill in some paperwork and wait to come through and be tested. The testing is very quick easy – it only takes a couple of minutes and then you’ll be on your way. It takes up to 72 hours to get results, but generally, people are getting results within 24. 

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