Adeel Chaudry author

Before this Adeel started of his career with PepsiCo international after finishing his business school from the prestigious Aston business school. PepsiCo gave him key accounts to handle nationwide and soon he was proving his sales strength by delivering targets and bringing in new accounts. Kraft Cadbury global picked him and made him key accounts manager for Pakistan, developing and strategizing sales and brand development for Cadbury in Pakistan. He was given a team of 24 to run and gave two years of steady organic growth of 37%. From that he went on developing lubricant oil market for Royal Dutch Shell and after two years brand and sales development he moved on to training consulting for various clients in development sales communication and team management. His portfolio includes one of the largest hedge fund in Pakistan, founding two startups . Now a life-coach, mentor and a sales and management consultant, his aim is to integrate tech and mental health in Pakistan.