Aged Care

Australia’s aged care set for digital revolution


The Australian Government has just released its first digital plan to make aged care better.

This plan, called the Aged Care Data and Digital Strategy, aims to embrace innovation and harness the power of data and digital technologies to improve the care and well-being of older Australians.

The main idea is to use technology to make it easier for older people to get the help they need, while still giving them choices about their care. It’s not about replacing face-to-face care, but about making it work better.

For the people working in aged care, this plan means less time doing paperwork and more time caring for residents. The government wants to use smart computer systems to handle the administrative burdens, so carers can focus on what’s really important – providing quality care for older people.

The plan also talks about using artificial intelligence (AI) in aged care.

Minister for Aged Care, Anika Wells, says this plan is key to delivering the government’s aged care agenda. “With older people at its centre, the Digital Strategy aims to increase digital health literacy of older people, giving them greater choice and independence as they age.”

“Designing the best aged care system for older people in Australia means embracing innovation and the technologies available so we can continue to restore dignity to aged care,” Minister Wells explains.

The government will work with state and territory health departments and other Commonwealth agencies across Australia to put this plan into action.

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