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Get to know Australia’s Aged Care Private Providers


Perhaps you need a private elderly care provider or want to use them. You can do this by getting an assessment of your care needs through My Aged Care and:

  • is not considered suitable for government-funded elderly care programs in Australia or
  • are considered suitable but they are awaiting the provision of supported services.

Why do private-sector and government-sponsored infrastructure differ?

The Australian Government shall not subsidize or control private old-fashioned medical facilities. You must pay full rates, irrespective of any financial or medical needs, for access to these programs.

The Australian Government controls government-funded aged care programs and subsidize the expense of these facilities so that the help you need is more available. Before finding out if you are able to receive these programs, you will need to determine your medical needs.

How are programs funded by private funds?

Your home services

You can use a number of private providers if appropriate to support you at home. Those include gardening, cooking, transportation and facilities of health and therapy. The Australian Government does not control these.

Houses for private elderly care

Private, aging nursing homes are close to government-subsidized aging nursing homes. They provide housing and facilities, but the Australian Government does not tax or subsidize them.

Villages for retirement or separate living rooms

Pension villages or separate housing units are not old-fashioned care units. These have a variety of services for disabled people who need less treatment than aged care homes. The Australian Government does not tax or subsidize it, although it is governed by state and federal governments.

Where do I find resources for private elderly people?

You can find private services on the following external websites. You can also find private services in your area. your assessor can help you.

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