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Australia, show your appreciation for our Frontliners this Thursday at 8pm sharp!


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic a new social enterprise, Frontliners has been launched to supply health workers with essential items they need during this difficult time.    

So far product to the value of 2 million dollars have been contributed, including from businesses such as Uber Eats, YoufoodzSwisse, The Body Shop, Care Pharmacy and many others. Phil Leahy, CEO of Retail Global, an E Commerce business, has been the driving force behind this and has rallied other colleagues, businesses and members of the Australian community to ensure that our Australian frontliners feel supported at this critical time. 

Over 15,000 medical frontliners have received care packages so far and close to $20,000 in financial contributions have been received to help cover the cost of initial deliveries. 20,000 frontline workers have registered to receive vouchers etc. 

Now Frontliners is taking the expression of appreciation of our medical teams further by instigating a #cheer4frontliners campaign at  8pm on Thursday 9th April as we enter the Easter long weekend. Inspired by the #clapfortheNHS campaign in the UK, the Frontliners team is inviting people across the nation to come together in a gesture of support and appreciation for the outstanding work our doctors, nurses, cleaners, hospital support attendants and others toiling at the front line of this pandemic are doing for us. Despite our required social isolation, we can still get a message out to those on the front line and demonstrate a true Australian spirit of appreciation.  

Show your appreciation this Thursday by cheering and clapping from your doorstep, balcony, window or backyard. Let’s make some noise for the frontliners!  

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