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75 years of Lions in Australia


For 75 years, Lions Club has served with uncommon kindness, putting the needs of our neighbours, our communities and our world first.

Since the first Lions club was formed in Lismore, NSW in September 1947, it has grown to be Australia’s largest service club organisation. 

Our Global Causes are Vision – Childhood Cancer-Environment-Hunger and Diabetes. 

Our Lions Clubs serve many communities to make them stronger, safer and more caring communities. We are there whenever national disasters occur, albeit flood, fire or drought, we are there to lend a helping hand. All funds collected in the name of Lions go directly to where the need exists and none is held back for administration. We also assist with international disaster assistance. 

The Motto is: “We Serve” Lions around Australia, as we have been doing for 75 years, today, we celebrate what we have achieved together. 

Members of this Healthcare Channel have unique talents in your chosen health modality. Have you considered becoming a volunteer and giving back to the community to find out how you can join us? 

We have lots of fun!! 

One thing all Lions have in common is that together they are making an incredible difference.  

Join us today:  

Tim Fraser 
District Governor 2022-23 

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