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5th annual Aged Care Employee Day celebrates dedicated care superheroes


The Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) invites aged care providers, residents and families to join them in expressing a heartfelt ‘thanks for caring’ to the dedicated and compassionate aged care staff on Aged Care Employee Day this August.

This year marks the fifth celebration of the Aged Care Employee Day (ACED), scheduled for Monday, 7 August. ACCPA CEO Tom Symondson acknowledges the extraordinary commitment of aged care workers who have gone above and beyond in providing care and support to older Australians, especially during the challenges presented by the past year.

“Aged Care Employee Day has become an important date in our calendar and reminds us of the caring and professional work of our aged care staff. They’re the backbone, the people who support our elders day in and day out. They make the lives of older Australians better,” Symondson said.

He further praised the staff for their resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, describing them as care ‘superheroes.’ Despite the difficult circumstances, they continued to provide essential care to residents while colleagues battled the virus or had to isolate.

ACCPA encourages residents, clients, families and friends to come together to express their gratitude and recognise the hard work of aged care staff in caring for their loved ones.

From personal carers, nurses and kitchen staff to diversion therapy specialists, allied health professionals, administrators, gardeners and volunteers, all have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable older Australians.

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Recognising the deserving efforts of aged care workers, ACCPA has diligently collaborated with the federal government to secure a fully funded 15% increase in award rates for aged care workers, with ongoing advocacy for all workers in stage three of the fair work case.

As Aged Care Employee Day approaches, Symondson urges the public to take a moment and express their gratitude by saying ‘thank you for caring.’

“We also want to encourage aged care staff to take a moment for themselves to regroup, take a breath, and recharge. They all deserve our thanks for their professionalism, their warmth, and their enthusiasm to help older Australians live comfortably,” he added.

ACCPA congratulates the aged care heroes for their unwavering dedication, compassion and hard work, emphasising the importance of recognising their efforts. To actively participate in showing appreciation, individuals are invited to send their photos and videos to

Aged Care Employee Day serves as a meaningful occasion to express gratitude and honour the exceptional contributions of aged care staff who continue to make a positive impact in the lives of older Australians.

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