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Top 10 Aged Care Facilities in Victoria’s bustling Melbourne


Our seniors, upon reaching their sunset years, deserve the best care that life has to offer. Aged care facilities are there to help our elderly and provide for their specific needs that hospitals or even our own family homes might not be able to meet. Providing for them the best we can is vital to keep them happy and comfortable.

But today, there are just so many to choose from, making a selection can be overwhelming. To remedy this, Healthcare Channel has listed the Top 10 best aged care facilities in the bustling city of Melbourne to help whittle down the choices a concerned individual might have.

What’s so special about them?

These facilities are specialized to fit the needs and wants of senior citizens. They also have the tools that can better help older people move around and enjoy the rest of their lives. A qualified staff and services are also provided in case there are issues with mobility or keeping up with daily routines, such as meals and baths.

Top 10 Aged Care facilities in Melbourne

The following are the highest quality facilities in Melbourne, reviewed by people who have availed of their services.

  1. BlueCross Sherridan Hall 
  2. Claremont Terrace 
  3. Vermont Aged Care 
  4. Trinity Manor 
  5. CraigCare (Glenroy)
  6. Japara – Quality Aged Care Homes & Retirement Living 
  7. Hope Aged Care
  8. TLC Aged Care 
  9. Deloraine Private Nursing Home
  10. Arcare Carnegie 



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