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Resident care interactions in the palm of your hand via Telstra Health


With COVID-19 and workforce shortages hitting aged care providers across Australia, the ability to streamline tasks to help free up care staff’s limited resources is essential.  

That’s why Telstra Health has developed the new, easy to use CareKeeper app. CareKeeper enables care staff to quickly view, action and record care in real-time via a mobile device. With an icon-based design, the app enables care staff to clearly identify their list of tasks and allows them to document by the resident’s side, providing more opportunity for a personalised connection. 

Instant access to information 

With CareKeeper, care staff can access a resident’s profile, summary care plan and progress notes at the point of care, while capturing information in charts and progress notes in real-time.  

With an icon-based design, staff can easily identify the care tasks that need completing and document the care delivered without the need to type lengthy notes.  

CareKeeper enables staff to tick the most urgent tasks off as soon as they have been completed, which helps to streamline care activity workflows and can minimise the time spent on handover.  

One source of truth 

Unlike some care task and workflow apps in the market, CareKeeper is part of a comprehensive software suite that includes clinical, care, medication, funding, family communication and resident administration features.  

The true integration between CareKeeper and Telstra Health’s Clinical Manager software helps enables  one source of truth for data and helps to reduce duplicate data entry for time-poor care staff.  

Innovative technology and security features
CareKeeper was designed with security front of mind and includes the following features to keep your data safe: 

  • Activation code – A unique activation code prevents the app from being accessed on personal devices.  
  • User permissions – CareKeeper inherits the user permissions from Clinical Manager to ensure that the user only sees information for which they have access. 
  • Automatic logout – After a period of inactivity the app automatically logs the user out. 
  • Device pin – The app forces the user to enable a pin to login to the device. 
  • Data protection – All data on the device is encrypted.

The app can be used successfully even in Wi-Fi blackspots, as CareKeeper has been designed with offline capability. 

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How CareKeeper can benefit your organisation 

Telstra Health’s CareKeeper app can help create a positive experience for care staff, management and residents.

How CareKeeper benefits care staff 

  • Document at the resident’s side to help increase one-on-one quality time. 
  • Clear visibility of tasks and when they need to be completed. 
  • Allows for tasks to be completed and ticked off on the go. 
  • Reduces the need for documentation at the end of each shift. 
  • Easy to use and navigate on a familiar mobile device application. 
  • The use of icons throughout the app makes documentation quick and easy. 
  • Staff can easily view what task they were up to if they were called away. 
  • Reduces the time spent on handover as staff on the following shift can easily view what tasks have been completed.

How CareKeeper benefits management 

  • Clear oversight of the resident care that is being delivered in real-time. 
  • Fully configurable task schedules to fit your business processes. 
  • Consistent model of care can be delivered across multiple facilities. 
  • Paperless care task assignment. 
  • Easily demonstrate the care that has been delivered to residents’ loved ones. 
  • Quick to implement with minimal staff training required, even for new or contract staff members.

How CareKeeper benefits residents 

  • Help increase one-on-one time with care staff. 
  • Care staff can easily show the resident and their loved ones what care they can expect that day.  
  • Help care staff move through tasks quicker so they can assist the resident sooner.  
  • Care staff can spend more time doing what they love; creating a positive environment for residents. 

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Visit Telstra Health at the Future of Aged Care Summit on the 15th– 17th June 2022. 

Telstra Health’s scalable aged care suite helps support every step of the aged care journey; from community care through to independent living, respite and residential aged care.
Telstra Health provides Hospital, Primary Health, Pharmacy, Aged & Disability, Population Health, Virtual Care, and Advisory solutions and services. 

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