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Rehabilitation centre Fresh Start undergoes transformation


WA-based not-for-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre Fresh Start is undergoing some upgrades to its Northam services.

The Northam Recovery Centre is upgrading its accommodation and common areas, which residents in the addiction recovery program currently call home. Since the building was purchased in 2003, only essential repairs and maintenance have been possible, but now the upgrade is in its early stages, thanks to the generous donations from Fresh Start supporters.

The Northam Recovery Program is a 26 week, fully accredited Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation and Social Enterprise Program. It is where Fresh Start residents commence their recovery journey, with 96 resident beds and 30 hospital beds. The centre is part of Fresh Start’s comprehensive treatment program, which also includes the Subiaco clinic, and recovery and residential houses spread throughout the Perth metro area.

Acting general manager Tina Gunter says the building has had very basic facilities until now and the upgrade will match the high standard of the program. “We have great staff and volunteers. They are very professional and engaged with the residents and the upgraded accommodation will reflect that” she said.

Fresh Start provides rapid medical detoxification and ongoing support to anyone who asks for help in overcoming alcohol or drug addiction, regardless of their financial or life circumstances. They provide patients with long term drug and alcohol dependency treatment, including medical and psychosocial support, to reduce the likelihood of illness, death, crime and imprisonment for people with addictions, and to restore these people to their families and community.

Tina and David Gunter are passionate about educating the community on addiction recovery. When the centre first opened, there was some initial apprehension from local residents and businesses due to the stigma surrounding addiction. The centre now works closely with other community groups and organisations in Northam, including the police, government agencies, churches and local businesses.

Once complete, the upgraded facilities will provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for future residents while they recover from their addiction. Through Fresh Start’s unique and comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment they have helped almost 14,000 people and their families out of the vicious cycle of addiction.

Original content from Third Sector News. Note: Content has been edited for style and length.

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