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No new locally acquired COVID cases recorded in Victoria as health authorities monitor possible outbreak in Southbank townhouse complex


Local health authorities are monitoring the situation in a Southbank townhouse complex in a bid to prevent a potential outbreak as Victoria reports no new locally acquired COVID-19 cases.

These new cases in the townhouse complex were acquired abroad and were detected during hotel quarantine.

15,067 test results came back Monday and 9,997 vaccines were given at state-run sites.

Health authorities have also revealed that a case reported on Saturday in Melbourne LGA was believed to have come from a previous case coming from a shared space at the Southbank townhouse complex where both patients lived.

Some facilities have been deemed as exposure sites. Nurses have visited the complex on Monday to begin testing the residents, ordering some to quarantine for 14 days.

Reported yesterday: 0 new local cases and 3 new cases acquired overseas (currently in HQ). – 9,997 vaccine doses were administered – 15,067 test results were received

Meanwhile, walk0ins for the Pfizer vaccine has been paused in state-run vaccination hubs after health authorities have flagged that the demand was exceeding the supply.

The Victorian Government has said that those who have confirmed bookings for the first dose will go ahead as scheduled but vaccination centres this week will be prioritising the giving of the second Pfizer jab to those who got the first dose 3 weeks ago.

Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, tweeted yesterday that waiting up to six weeks to get the second dose was fine but 12-weeks will still be observed for AstraZeneca.

Health Minister Georgie Crozier said that “The federal government has said we’ve got the inventory, we are giving the state their doses so I’m not interested in that tit for tat, I want the Andrews government to fix this mess,”

“Fix the booking system and get people who want to get vaccinated to be able to be vaccinated and importantly have that second dose,” she added.

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