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New in Tech: ECG Monitor & Activity Watch with built-in AI


About one in every two seconds in the world is dying of a cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that 72% of patients have significant discomfort before cardiac arrest, and 70% of them have early warning symptoms for more than 15 minutes. How do you make people perform an ECG anytime, anywhere, and create diagnosis?

Le Pukai’s recent innovation of ECG, AI-ECG Platform obtained FDA approval and CE certification, and quickly landed trials in major hospitals worldwide, marching into a new era of ECG technology. 


Medical grade AI-ECG technology Results 

The accuracy of standard ECG diagnosis is above 99 %, and the diagnostic accuracy of arrhythmia and cardiac agitation conduction abnormality is above 95 %. (US FDA approval and EU EC certification, accurate and reliable) 

Can identify 37 kinds of heart rhythm abnormal events such as atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, and ectopic heart rhythm. (Smartwatch/bracelet is single-lead detection, hospital ECG 12-lead detection can identify 74 heart rhythm abnormal events) 

When there is chest discomfort associated with physical activity, such as pain, depression, and feeling of heart blockage, if relieved within ten minutes, it is often prompted to have coronary heart disease. 

Due to the sporadic and paroxysmal arrhythmia, rushing must be captured within a few minutes of the heart’s signal to be accurately diagnosed. The Lepu Smart ECG Bracelet/Watch allows you to achieve the distress signal from your heart at any time and provides a report within 8 seconds. 

In case of emergencies, the AI-ECG can also provide alert if you are away from your loved ones.  

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A patient turned AI technologist. Not a doctor nor a scientist. Just an average American citizen with an above average appetite on fixing the healthcare system. Passionate on learning the possibility of Artificial Intelligence to eradicate heart diseases, with aspiration to collaborate AI innovators from all over the globe, together solving healthcare problems for all corners of the world. Democratizing healthcare.


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