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Mission Australia introduces mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for staff


After consulting with staff, national community services and community housing charity, Mission Australia has made full COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all staff to create a safe working environment and protect employees and the people and communities that Mission Australia serves. Staff have until 31 January 2022 to provide proof of vaccination or a medical exemption.

Mission Australia CEO, James Toomey said, “At Mission Australia, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and the people we serve has always been our priority during the pandemic.

“As a community services and community housing organisation, we have been on the frontline of the pandemic response, ensuring vital services and safe homes are provided to some of Australia’s most vulnerable people, including people who are homeless, escaping domestic violence and, people living with disability or mental illness.”

I have been so proud of what we have done at Mission Australia, both to support the people we serve and each other through many challenges. I also don’t underestimate the work that still needs to be done as we learn to live in a world in which we manage COVID-19, rather than let it manage us.

“Not for profit organisations like Mission Australia have a responsibility to ensure that our workplaces are as safe as possible and that our employees, clients and tenants are protected from COVID-19. It is the case that many of our staff are already covered by State or Territory health orders and the majority are already either fully vaccinated in respect of COVID-19 or well on their way to being so.

Throughout the pandemic Mission Australia has offered additional paid leave for staff who had COVID-19 symptoms and offers paid leave for employees to allow them to attend their vaccine appointments, as well as following their vaccine for anyone who needs it.

Mission Australia has robust COVID-19 action plans in place nationally across all housing and services, including office spaces and unit complexes. These include rigorous infection control, hygiene, PPE and physical distancing measures. These plans, alongside mandatory vaccinations of employees, ensure the safe continuity of accommodation and support for clients and tenants and the safety of Mission Australia staff.


Original content from Third Sector News. Note: Content has been edited for style and length.

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