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Mental health and wellbeing initiatives for small business owners


Mental health and wellbeing is important, even more so with small business owners who need targeted support in order for their businesses to flourish.  

The Government is aware of this necessity, so they have invested in mental health and wellbeing initiatives that are specifically tailored towards small business owners. 

Ahead for Business 

Ahead for Business is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. It is the only digital hub that has been designed and developed to promote the wellbeing of small business owners. 

Through their digital hub, small business owners can access tailored resources, connect to the online community and track their mental health and wellbeing journey. 

This program will continue over the next four years thanks to the additional $0.9 million funding. The Ahead for Business program will be delivered by the mental health organisation, Everymind. 


With the increase of financial and emotional pressure small businesses faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government provided the BusinessBalance initiative to help out. 

BusinessBalance aids owners to overcome the stigma associated with mental ill-health through a holistic approach. The initiative provides mental health coaching to small business owners.  

It also provides mental health training to business advisors since research shows owners trust their business advisors and turn to them for advice.  

 BusinessBalance provides $7 million in 2020-21 in order to further support small business owners. This initiative will include NewAccess for Small Business Owners and Counting on U. 

NewAccess for Small Business Owners is Beyond Blue’s NewAccess program. The Government has provided $4.3 million in funding to the program to expand its services and deliver tailored, free and confidential mental health support to owners of small businesses. 

NewAccess for Small Business Owners is designed to support owners, helping them manage their stress by providing up to six structured sessions with a trained mental health coach.  

A doctor’s referral or mental health treatment plan is not required to access the program’s services. It is available nationally and can be accessed via phone or video call. 

Meanwhile, the Government is providing funding to Deakin University for their Counting on U program. Aside from Deakin University, the program will be run in partnership with the Institute of Public Accountants, CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Beyond Blue, WorkSafe VIC and Mental Health First Aid. 

Counting on U is a professional development program for small business advisers. It will integrate mental health first aid training with relationship-centred, business mentoring to aid small business advisers in supporting the mental wellbeing of their clients. 

For more information on these mental health and wellbeing initiatives, visit’s website. 


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