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My Medic Watch: How And Why You Should Choose a Caregiver


How do you choose the right caregiver – either for you or a loved one? The My Medic Watch app can potentially save the life of someone who has experienced a fall or seizure. However, this does rely on having a reliable team of caregivers in place, who can respond quickly and effectively.

A caregiver provides care for the emotional and physical needs of a family member or a friend in the home setting. The work involves assisting with meals, personal care, helping with medical needs, and transportation of the patient. Being a caregiver means that the person is part of the overall healthcare team for the patient.

There are 2.65 million Australians who provide care and support to a family member or a friend. At My Medic Watch, we recognise the extremely important role that caregivers play in enabling older people to stay in their homes for longer, and maintain a sense of independence.

When a person decides to use the My Medic Watch app, one of the first step is nominating a caregiver, or a team of caregivers, who can respond should the person experience a fall or a seizure. These caregivers play an extremely important role in ensuring that the person gets the help they need. As such, it’s important to choose caregivers who are:

  • Technically literate(to at least a basic degree) and are able to respond to the notifications they receive via the app.
  • Responsive and reliable, and likely to carry their phone and prioritise providing assistance, or notifying the rest of the caregiving team if they are unavailable.
  • Trained and informed regarding what to do should they arrive at the location of someone who has experienced a fall or seizure, and aware of the vital next steps.

To find out more about this app, visit their website.


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