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Healthcare Systems needs to learn Blockchain, QUICK!


If you haven’t spent some time learning about Blockchain, you really need to. Quickly! Blockchain is not to be confused with Bitcoin, rather Blockchain is the system that allows Bitcoin to be used as a secure monetary tool without banks. While I am not an expert, I have immersed myself for several hours in videos and reading to understand Blockchain and its benefits. It is important for me to understand so I can use Blockchain as an innovative solution to the appropriate problem. 


What is Blockchain? 

The blockchain is an open system, a documentation tool, that permanently records transactions between two parties. It is managed through peer-to-peer networks and has a specific protocol which is used to be sure that new “blocks” are legitimate. This is a very secure way to document data and cannot be altered without proof that changes were made. This makes Blockchain perfect for electronic health records and transactional documentation that must be flawless and unchanged. 


Why do we need to educate the healthcare system? 

We need to be educating nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers about Blockchain to ensure that they understand this powerful tool and can creatively use it to solve some of our complex healthcare challenges. Why are we talking about this? Let’s get the word out there.