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Facebook Now Entering Healthcare – Would the industry be as welcoming?


Tech-giant Facebook recently announced that they’re working with major health organisations to integrate health reminders in their platform. Their tool will suggest users what check-ups they need, depending on their age, sex (and maybe all the data they got from your account). You can also set personal reminders using their tool.

  • They’re working with US health organisations to offer a Preventive Health tool that connects people to health resources and checkup reminders.
  • People can use the tool to find affordable places to receive care, set reminders to schedule tests, mark when tests are completed, and more.

Facebook in Healthcare – What could possibly go wrong?

Now, reminding people to make sure their health is in check isn’t a bad idea at all. What’s concerning however, is Facebook gaining access to our health and medical records. They’re not the first ones to do this.

  • Apple has health applications
  • Amazon recently launched their HIPAA-compliant medical skills for Alexa
  • Google is buying Fitbit

What’s frightening? Is our data, again can be used for more ads. For example, one trip to the gynaecologist and we’ll see ads for feminine hygiene products. A visit to get your blood pressure would display pills to control cholesterol. It’s no surprise that almost every company has been doing this since the boom of internet.

Data is the new currency, and Facebook will be one of the companies who’ll bank on as much data as they can retrieve. There were already rumors a few years ago that Facebook has been planning on launching their health-based features. It came to a halt during the Cambridge Analytica controversy, but after the issue simmered down. Looks like it’s ready to launch again.

Facebook getting into Healthcare isn’t that all bad. If it actually works, it can benefit a lot of users who disregard regular check-ups and tests. Not everyone has insurance, and Facebook is giving a guarantee that their screenings would be free courtesy of  Federally Qualified Health Centers in their area.

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