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DB Results partners with AgileBlue to bring greater cybersecurity to the healthcare industry.


DB Results announced that it has partnered with AgileBlue’s Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), to help businesses better defend against growing cybersecurity threats.

Healthcare facilities hold extremely valuable and critical patient data. The implications of a cyberattack can not only cost millions of dollars but put patient’s lives at risk. DB Results’ is highly experienced in successful digital transformations for the health industry. With customer’s needs in mind, the company selected AgileBlue as a SOCaaS partner for its managed service offerings providing advanced security, breach mitigation, and breach response capabilities.

“Today more than ever it is critical to have a reliable, efficient and robust cybersecurity strategy in place in order to build and maintain customer trust in your business,” said Chris Pearce, Managing Partner at DB Results. “AgileBlue’s SOC-as-a-service platform has a proven track record in detecting threats fast and accurately across entire digital infrastructure and cloud service solutions.”

According to Interpol, hospitals, medical centres and public institutions are being targeted by cybercriminals for ransomware attacks – since they are overwhelmed with the health crisis and cannot afford to be locked out of their systems, the criminals believe they are likely to pay the ransom.

By partnering with AgileBlue, DB Results is now able to guide clients to assess risk, secure and protect sensitive data, and effectively respond to regulatory requirements for their organization.

AgileBlue is a SOC-as-a-Service platform that can detect cyber threats.

According to DBResults website, the two companies will join forces in helping their customers navigate the following key cybersecurity challenges:

  • 24/7 Security Ops Team with 30 min SLA on critical alerts
  • Managed cloud-based SIEM with 90 days of SIEM retention
  • Intelligent security that leverages machine learning and user behaviour analytics
  • Complete integration across people, apps, data and devices
  • Real-time threat response and remediation
  • Threat hunting
  • Threat intelligence (3rd party)
  • Real-time notifications and guided alerts
  • Online analytics/reporting dashboard
  • Integration with industry-leading response tools.
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