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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) statistics as of 8 March 2022


These are the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics, as reported by NSW Health.

Across NSW, more than 95 per cent of people aged 16 and over have received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 94.4 per cent have received two doses to Sunday 6 March 2022.

  • Of children aged 12 to 15, 83.6 per cent have received a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 79 per cent have received two doses.
  • Of children aged 5 to 11, 47.9 per cent have received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Of people aged 16 plus, 55.8 per cent have now received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. This represents 59.9 per cent of the eligible population that received their second dose more than three months ago.

The total number of vaccines administered in NSW is now 16,987,608 with 4,929,419 administered by NSW Health to 8pm last night and 12,058,189 administered by the GP network, pharmacies and other providers to 11:59pm on Sunday 6 March 2022.

NSW Health encourages everyone who is eligible to receive a vaccination or their booster dose to book into a NSW Health vaccination clinic or another provider without delay through the COVID-19 vaccine clinic finder.

Sadly, NSW Health is today reporting the deaths of five people with COVID-19, three men and two women.

Three people were aged in their 70s, one person was in their 80s and one person was in their 90s. Older age is a significant risk factor for serious illness and death for COVID-19, particularly when combined with significant underlying health conditions.

Three people had received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, one person had received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and one person was not vaccinated.

Two people were from south western Sydney, one person was from Western Sydney, one person was from the Newcastle area and one person was from Armidale.

NSW Health expresses its sincere condolences to their loved ones.

Statistics show that this brings the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,953.

There statistics currently count 1,070 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, including 43 people in intensive care, 16 of whom require ventilation.

There were 13,018 positive test results (cases) notified in the 24 hours to 4pm yesterday – including 9,621 positive rapid antigen tests (RATs) and 3,397 positive PCR tests. The 3,397 positive PCR results were returned from 21,418 PCR tests.

There has now been a total of 439,637 positive RATs recorded since reporting began on 13 January 2022.

Following further investigation, 9 COVID-19 cases detected by PCR tests have been excluded and 347 cases previously reported as RAT-positive have been confirmed as PCR-positive cases, bringing the total number of cases detected by PCR tests in NSW since the beginning of the pandemic to 952,596.

Original content from NSW Government Health Department media page. Note: Content has been edited for style and length.

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