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4 Lifestyle activities you never thought would keep you young


They say you’re only as old as the mindset you’re in and that certainly makes sense. An appetite for life is something you can cultivate by hacking your life and your brain in a way that makes adventure feel fun again. You have to address the 4 fundamental needs we all have; to feel safe, young, and unstressed, to feel part of something bigger than yourself, to feel connected with loved ones around you, and to have the faith that even if tragedy strikes, everything will be okay. Here are 4 ways to achieve these 4 fundamentals and win back your youthful appetite for life.

1. Simple stress reducers

We all know that stress just adds fuel to fire when we’re trying to look and feel young. They say “don’t sweat the small stuff” but what does that actually mean? Not everyone likes yoga, kale smoothies, and deep breathing exercises to get a handle on our stress levels. Sometimes, staying calm simply means being more pragmatic. Create tools for yourself to handle stressful situations – have a list of emergency numbers handy. Have a plumber, an electrician, and pest control specialist on hand. It’s about having support at the ready when emergencies happen.

2. Charity work

If you have retired, it might feel absurd to think you have spent your entire adult life working for others, and now you’re going to work for free. That’s how people view charity work, but it’s quite a flawed point of view. If you find a cause that you’re passionate about, you have an opportunity to connect with other people and see, first-hand, how you can make a tangible difference to something that matters. Before you know it, you’re moving mountains and finding enormous joy in the artful practice of giving.

3. Regular coffee meetups

Relationships keep us young and feeling connected with the world. As human beings, we need relationships to help us feel safe, secure, and to keep our neurological senses sharp. While coffee itself isn’t going to keep you young, setting a regular schedule to meet up with, and connect with friends and family develops that network of relationships. Nurturing connections enable you to step out of your own life and step into someone else’s life, as you listen to their news and the stories of their lives.

4. Faith (for real)

Faith has no religious affiliation, it simply means you believe someone or something has your back. For some people this might be religion, for others, faith might be that their next-door neighbour will always check up on them. Cultivate safety points in life and actually list them, so that you are always aware of them, this creates the feeling of faith, the belief that everything will be okay because through supportive resources, even if tragedy struck, you’d be supported. Knowing it’s all going to be okay is a luxury most of us only experienced in childhood. Now, as you face the later years in life, you can consciously cultivate this for yourself by thinking about what you need and finding people and places that can help you meet these needs, should you ever need the help. Faith keeps you young and adventurous and enables you to take risks and live a curious life.

Original content from Get the Word Out. Note: Content has been edited for style and length.

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Nina Alvarez is a Content Producer for Healthcare Channel. Her interests include writing, particularly about the healthcare sector and the many ways it can improve to further benefit people from all walks of life.


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