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Vaccinations for aged care workers to be made mandatory


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations for aged care workers will be made mandatory.

According to the Prime Minister, the decision was made during the National Cabinet meeting between state and territory leaders. The decision made was to make it mandatory for all aged care workers to have at least one dose of a COVID vaccine by September.

The system to be used is likely the same system in place for mandatory flu vaccines for the same workers.

This has been the third time that mandating vaccines for aged care workers have been discussed in a meeting of the nation’s leaders.

“This is something we wanted to see and so tonight we received the advice that would enable us to go forward with that measure,” Morrison said.

This mandatory vaccination plan will come with an $11 grant to aged care facilities to provide leave for staff if needed in relation to the vaccination, Morrison said while speaking at an evening press conference. That leave can include situations where a person may experience some discomfort following a vaccination, Mr Morrison said.

Australia has almost 1000 virus-related deaths in aged care homes, providing safeguards to further protect and keep our elderly safe remains a top priority.

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