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The Positive Impact of Healthcare Disruptors


I lived in a hospital until I was five years old. Catheters, scalpels, doctors, and pain were all normal to me. To play with me, my little sister would have to wear a mask because my immune system was compromised from rounds of chemotherapy.

I’m 100% grateful for the experience, and the physical scars surgeries have left me, because it planted a passion for healthcare inside of me. A seed that would’ve never flourished had it not been for what I went through.

To me the hospital was never a scary place, it was the place where you could find angels in human form.

If it weren’t for technology and the incredible team of specialists on my paediatric case, I would have died, and I was very aware of that even as a child. That said, I always knew that my destiny would have something to do with physicians, as they are the ones who saved my life.

And naturally, it has happened that way.

Healthcare Disruptors are Changing the Industry for the Better:

In the past 6 months, I have built incredible relationships with innovators, startups and physicians who are disrupting healthcare in ways that will benefit millions of people worldwide.

Why do healthcare disruptors matters so much?

We have nothing without our health. Healthcare startups, companies, and individual innovators do what they can to increase quality of life.

I have chosen to feature 3 of the most impactful healthcare brands I have come into contact with of recent will provide a short explanation into how each is innovating within their own sector:

  1. Visrex – This is a healthcare startup lead by Hassan Zreik and Ali Zreik (connect with them on LinkedIn), who help independent pharmacies save on rising drug prices, at no cost whatsoever to the pharmacies. On any given drug order, pharmacies registered with Visrex can save between 25-500%, compared to WAC prices. In a case study recently published by the Visrex team, one of their registered pharmacies saved nearly $50,000.00 on one drug order alone – which is beyond incredible.
  2. Stallion Express – Lead by differentiation and value-based pricing, Stallion Express is a leading pharmaceutical courier company that helps pharmacies outsource their deliveries. They differentiated themselves via technology, including real-time tracking, and the fact that their drivers communicate on a fully HIPAA compliant software.
  3. Allerdent – A healthcare startup that just received strategic funding from Xue Sine Ventures! Allerdent developed a patient-centric allergy therapy via an easy-to-use toothpaste. This is especially beneficial for pediatric patients that Allergists serve. In 2013, food allergies had an economic impact of over $20 billion. Treating the epidemic would save lives and significantly raise the quality of life of food allergy sufferers.

Our Health is Our Wealth:

What I keep on discovering is that most everyone in healthcare, cares. They care about patient compliance, patient care, innovation and making the healthcare sphere more efficient and valuable to better serve the ultimate customer, patients.

One individual example of someone who cares is Joy McAdams, who I had breakfast with just this morning. Joy is a strategic physician relations manager and plays a vital role in a prescription assistance program, and in just our breakfast conversation taught me so much about the importance of physician-physician relationships.

Everyday I’m happy to call the healthcare sphere my professional home and to be surrounded by genuine souls such as Joy McAdamsCourtney HarringHassan ZreikAli Zreik, and more.

Remember, a healthcare setting is where many of us were born and where many of us will take our final breath…

Who are the disruptors in your industry?


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