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Queensland urges residents to take time during mental health week


During the halfway point of Queensland’s Mental Health Week, and Mental Health Commissioner Ivan Frkovic is urging residents to follow the week’s theme and “take time – for mental health”.

Frkovic said the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions meant many of this year’s 280-plus events were being held online, making them accessible for all Queenslanders.

“This year as we commemorate Queensland Mental Health Week, it is more important than ever for us to take time for our own mental health and to look out for those we know and love,” Frkovic said.

“Checking up on the wellbeing of our families, our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues and our acquaintances is imperative. It’s vital we remain connected to those we love and care for to ensure their mental health is in good shape. It’s as simple as asking, ‘how are you doing?’, ‘can I do anyt

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hing for you’ or ‘are you okay?’ and showing people that you care.” he said

“It’s equally important we ask ourselves the same questions and that we reach out for help if we’re feeling vulnerable. Self-care is important for all of us.” he added.

One million Queenslanders – one in every five people – experience mental ill-health each year, with 50 per cent of the population experiencing such mental illness in their lifetime.

“Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone of us at any time,” Frkovic said. “When we take the time to look after our mental health, we are able to improve our resilience and better cope with the everyday stresses of life.”

“his week provided opportunities for workplaces and individuals to take part in activities aimed at good mental health.” he said.

In recognition of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission this year boosted its funding to community organisations to run mental health week events by $100,000.

This year, 109 community organisations, from the Gold Coast to the Gulf of Carpentaria and throughout the outback, have received $192,000 in funding from the Commission to support Queensland Mental Health Week activities.

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