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Mornington Peninsula Shire is ieading way for cleaner waters at Rye foreshore


Mornington Peninsula Shire is leading the way in stormwater management by building our first coastal bioinfiltration basin at Rye foreshore.

The basin located at Elgan Avenue and Point Nepean Road is a heavily vegetated area where stormwater will flow into and be processed naturally through the sand dunes. This natural filtration system will remove stormwater pollutants including street litter before the water reaches Port Phillip Bay.

This project, funded by Mornington

“In a first for the Mornington Peninsula Shire, this coastal stormwater basin uses natural processes to clean the stormwater before it reaches the Bay. It’s a great project initiated by our community.” Mayor Councillor, Despi O’Connor, said.

Peninsula Shire, State Government (Port Philip Bay Fund) and Melbourne Water was initiated by the Rye Community Group Alliance. Poor visual water quality at Rye encouraged the community to take action to improve the environmental health of the Bay.

Nepean Ward Councillor Sarah Race said “This project improves the water quality directly into Port Philip Bay, not only making it safer for our community but also the overall environmental health of the water and marine wildlife.”

The project will also improve the aesthetics of the foreshore by planting native vegetation, adding information signage about stormwater issues, and installing an accessible boardwalk connecting the beach to the Bay Trail.

Works to build the bioinfiltration basin has started and is expected to be finished in October 2021. Completion may be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Susan Bissinger, Nepean Ward Councillor, also said “This community initiated, innovative project will see a natural process filtering our stormwater run-off to ensure cleaner water is entering the Bay, it will also blend seamlessly into our foreshore area. Great for our community and our marine environment.”

Mornington Peninsula Shire is responsible for more than 70 services from family and children’s services, traffic regulation, open space, youth facilities, waste management and community building; to matters concerning business development, planning for appropriate development and ensuring accountability for Council’s budget. This broad range of community services and infrastructure for residents supports the wellbeing and prosperity of our community.

The Shire is committed to the highest standards of performance, behaviour and service.

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