Transforming Australia's aged care sector through increased quality, safety and governance
6-9 September 2021 | Sydney

The 5th Annual Future of Aged Care Summit will address the key challenges to reforming and rebuilding the aged care sector and ensuring that older Australians receive care that is of the highest quality. Delegates will gain tools and strategies to ensure best practice governance that is centered around quality and safety, implement the recommendations of the final report of the Royal Commission and professionalise the aged care workforce to embed quality and safety into service delivery. 

Attend this forum and learn how to:

Ensure that quality and safety is a core priority through improved governance in aged care 

Strengthen the aged care workforce through increased resilience, professionalism and training 

Collaborate extensively with older Australians to achieve customer-centricity of service development and delivery 

Transform the delivery of care through innovation and technological advances 

Remain financially sustainable and viable under the recommendations of the Royal Commission 


Sean Rooney

Chief Executive Officer
Leading Age Care Services (LASA)

Cassie Mason

Director Office for Ageing Well
SA health

Tracey Burton

Executive Director

Jennene Buckley

Chief Executive Officer
Feros Care

Natasha Edwards

Head of Culture and Capability
Feros Care

Jane Verity

Chief Executive Officer
Dementia International

Charles Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Orie

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Gear

Chief Executive Officer
Older Persons Advocacy Network

Dr Sunil Bhar

Associate Professor and Director
Swinburne Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults

David Panter

Chief Executive
Enabling Confidence at Home (ECH)

Tim Humphries

Chief Executive Officer
Homestyle Aged Care Services

Tom Lyons

Managing Director
Black Swan Group UK

Jenny Garonne

Chief Executive Officer
Princes Court Homes

Christopher How

Chief Executive Officer

Lynne Bailey

Executive General Manager
Fresh Hope Care

Doreen Power

Chief Executive Officer
Lyndoch Living

Jonathan Smith

Chief Executive Officer
ECHO Community Services

Nicky Bath

Chief Executive Officer
LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

Dr Rosy Walia

Chief Executive Officer
Multicultural Care

Jodi Butler

Head of Aged Care Services
Southern Cross Care

Jodie Jones

Executive General Manager Clinical Governance, Risk and Innovation
Blue Cross Care

Maree McCabe

Chief Executive Officer
Dementia Australia

Mark Brandon OAM

Chief Policy and Regulatory Officer
Estia Health

Lee Martin

Chief Executive Officer
Tanunda Lutheran Home

Nathan Klinge

Chief Executive Officer

Kerri Rivett

Chief Executive Officer
Royal Freemasons

Catherine Daley

Chief Executive Officer
Integrated Living

Danielle Ballantine

Chief Executive Officer
Your Side

Lisa Fuller

Regional Customer Care Manager

Robert Cooper

Chief Executive Officer
Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation


9:00 am – 4:00 pm | Masterclass A: Achieving and maintaining financial sustainability in aged care 


Achieving and maintaining financial sustainability is an urgent and critical need in the aged care sector, with meeting the aged care quality and safety standards leaving a lot of providers running at a loss. Now more than ever, it’s critical that aged care service providers have a strategy to remain financially healthy whilst meeting the recommendations of the Royal Commission. 

This interactive workshop will give participants a hands-on opportunity to collaborate with industry peers to tackle the biggest challenges to achieving financial sustainability whilst delivering services that are of the highest quality. Participants will gain tools and strategies to innovate to streamline service delivery, utilise technological advancements and explore alternative funding models in order to stay resilient and responsive to the rapidly changing sector. 


Attendees to this workshop will learn how to:  

  • Understand the factors that lead to financial viability and sustainability 
  • Examine the ways in which aged care service provision can be modified to ensure financial viability 
  • Assess what the contribution of consumers to service funding should be  
  • Develop innovative approaches to strengthen the financial viability of aged care service providers during the current period of reform 
  • Create new options for revenue streams through the provision of allied services 

8:00 am | Registration opens 


9:00 am | Opening remarks from the Chair 

Natasha Edwards, Head of Culture and Capability, Feros Care 


Implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission and paving the way forward 


9:10 am | Opening Keynote: Governing through reform – navigating the risks and harnessing the opportunities of disruption 

  • Equipping executives and directors with practical strategies and tools for success 
  • Gaining customer insights in forming strategy and organisational renewal 
  • Maintaining stakeholder transparency with regards to governance and risk practices  
  • Balancing resourcing of core business with the investment in transformation and renewal 

Jennene Buckley, Chief Executive Officer, Feros Care   


9:40 am | Developing effective organisation wide governance systems 

  • Adapting to the increased accountability obligations and the fundamentally changed risk profile and governance of providers  
  • Creating confidence in governance systems, processes and culture to maintain high quality, standard care 
  • Building up governance and risk capabilities ahead of increased regulatory scrutiny 
  • Identifying and remedying existing gaps in governance processes 

Tracey Burton, Chief Executive Officer, Uniting 


10:10 am | Panel Discussion: What does the future of aged care look like? 

  • Envisioning what the next few years hold for the aged care sector 
  • Discussing the ways in which the aged care sector can prepare for the upcoming period of reform 
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission and paving the way going forward 

Charles Moore, Chief Executive officer, BaptistCare 

Nathan Klinge, Chief Executive Officer, RSL Care SA 

Mark Brandon OAM, Chief Policy and Regulatory OfficerEstia Health 
Craig Gear, Chief Executive Officer, Older Persons Advocacy Network 
David Panter, Chief Executive, Enabling Confidence at Home (ECH) 


10:50 am | Morning Tea 


11:20 am | Translating the intent of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety into the reality of aged care service provision 

  • Breaking down what reform within aged care looks like in practice 
  • Interpreting the governments’ response to the Final Report and analysing gaps in the reform agenda 
  • Building the infrastructure required to create and leverage reform in aged care 

Sean Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, Leading Age Care Services  (LASA)


11:50 am | Unpacking the implications of the Royal Commission recommendations on home care 

  • Interpreting the Royal Commission recommendations for home care providers 
  • Pivoting service delivery to respond to COVID-19 innovatively 
  • Developing a seamless level of care that appropriately supports older Australians and their informal carers 

Dr Rosy Walia, Chief Executive Officer, Multicultural Care 


12:20 pm | Case Study: The role of state government in responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on older Australians 

  • Creating collaborations between the government and the aged care sector 
  • Balancing the need to keep older Australians safe with their broader wellbeing and needs 
  • Building a culture of trust to sustain effective partnerships 
  • Developing cross-sector projects that address the impact of isolation and social distancing on the mental health of older Australians 

Cassie Mason, Director Office for Ageing Well, SA Health   


12:50 pm | Networking Luncheon 


1:50 pm | Case Study: Building collaborative cross-sector partnerships to improve aged care outcomes 

  • Strengthening partnerships between local government and aged care service providers 
  • Expanding the network of key health and support service providers that work with local councils 
  • Maximising opportunities to meet the needs of ageing citizens 

Mandy Smith, Manager Community Connections, City of Unley   


2:20 pm | Case Study: A transformative best practice model providing a new vision for aged care 

  • Placing emotional connectedness, respect and empowerment at the forefront of care 
  • Enabling aged care services to implement a transformative best practice model that is sustainable and measurable 
  • Elevating competencies in emotional care 
  • Solving behaviours of concern and preventing the need for psychotropic medications 
  • Facilitating rehabilitation of cognitive and social abilities in dementia 

Jane Verity, Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Care International 


2:50 pm | Afternoon Tea 


3:20 pm | Roundtable Discussion 

Delegates will be divided into groups to engage in interactive discussions around on of the below topics.  

The session will seek to identify the ways in which technology can transform various aspects of aged care including: 


Roundtable one – Utilising technological advances to implement best practice dementia care 

Facilitator: Dr Sunil Bhar, Associate Professor and Director Swinburne University for Older Adults, Swinburne University of Technology 


Roundtable two – Transforming care and operational processes through technology   

Facilitator: Tim Humphries, Chief Executive Officer, Home Style Aged Care 


Roundtable three – Leveraging recruitment solutions to address the need for skilled labour in the aged care workforce 

Facilitator: Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, ECHO Community Services 


Roundtable four – Innovating to improve customer centricity 

Faciltator: Lynne Bailey, Executive General Manager, Fresh Hope Care 


4:20 pm | Keeping organisations financially viable and sustainable under the recommendations of the Royal Commission 

  • Matching the funding with the reality of what service provision in aged care costs 
  • Improving the overall financial performance of the aged care sector 
  • Ensuring a funding pool that is sufficient to deliver the quality and range of services demanded 

Robert Orie, Chief Executive Officer, Montefiore 


4:50 pm | Closing remarks from the chair and close of day one 


5:00 Networking drinks 

8:00 am | Registration opens 


9:00 am | Opening remarks from the Chair 

Natasha Edwards, Head of Culture and Capability, Feros Care 


Building up the aged care workforce as a critical asset in delivering quality care 


9:10 am | Professionalising the aged care workforce through skills and training 

  • Understanding the skills gaps that currently exist in the aged care workforce and working to bridge the gap 
  • Driving sector wide workforce motivation, compassion and resilience 
  • Utilising higher education, professional development and career advancement to professionalise the aged care workforce 
  • Leveraging technology to deliver skills and training to remote areas and during social distancing 

Doreen Power, Chief Executive Officer, Lyndoch Living        


9:40 am | Case Study: 
Increasing retention within the aged care workforce   

  • Creating a positive psychosocial work environment and conditions to improve the retention of care workers  
  • Investing genuinely and intelligently in the wellbeing, skills and reputation of the workforce  
  • Identifying future leaders through talent management software to boost retention  

Jodi Butler, Head of Aged Care Services, Southern Cross Care 


10:10 am | Panel Discussion: Driving innovation in aged care 

  • Understanding what innovation in aged care looks like 
  • Identifying and seizing opportunities to innovate within aged care 
  • Developing innovative aged care models that are responsive and adaptive to the needs of the future 

Jodie Jones, Executive General Manager Clinical Governance, Risk and Innovation, Blue Cross Care
Jodi Butler, Head of Aged Care Services, Southern Cross Care 
Lee Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Tanunda Lutheran Home 
Robert Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation 

11:00 am | Morning Tea 


Increasing quality and safety of services to ensure care, dignity and respect for older Australians 


11:30 am | Case Study: Utilising evidence-based approaches to leverage the long-term shift in preference towards home care 

  • Developing sophisticated and effective home care systems which are good for the government, clients and the economy  
  • Implementing evidence-based approaches to safe and quality home care until the end of life 
  • Effectively having standards for quality home care whilst acknowledging that it is distinct from residential care 
  • Harnessing the benefits of extended home care on wellbeing and its ability to keep older Australians out of institutions 

David Panter, Chief Executive, Enabling Confidence at Home (ECH)   


12:00 pm | Case Study: Providing aged care services in regional, rural and remote areas  

  • Examining the unmet aged care needs of regional and rural Australia and increasing access to care 
  • Inhibiting costs, improving workforce and increasing the quality of care in regional areas through inter-sector collaboration 
  • Connecting with local communities as a factor that is paramount to success in regional areas 

Jenny Garonne, Chief Executive Officer, Princes Court Homes 


12:30 pm | Examining the implications of the final report on the aged care landscape for LGBITQ+ individuals 

  • Increasing the accessibility of aged care services to the LGBTIQ+ community 
  • Improving the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people as they age and enter the Australian aged care system 
  • Engaging with the LGBTIQ+ community to understand how to meet the needs of their elders 

Nicky BathChief Executive Officer, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia 


1:00 pm | Networking Luncheon 


2:00 pm | Panel Discussion: Managing increased compliance administration as an unintended consequence of the aged care quality standards 

  • Assessing the impact of the aged care quality standards on workloads and outcomes 
  • Utilising technology to meet with the increased demand for compliance administration 
  • Ensuring that compliance needs do not take away from time spent with residents 
  • Investing in technological workforce adjuncts which will free up the human workforce to focus on compassionate care 

Catherine Daley, Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Living 
Danielle Ballantine, Chief Executive Officer, Your Side 
Robert Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation 
Lisa Fuller, Regional Customer Care ManagerKinCare 


2:40 pm | Equipping staff with the training and skills to deliver trauma-informed care and support residents with dementia 

  • Appropriately assessing the stages of dementia along a spectrum and tailoring care plans 
  • Equipping staff with the necessary skills to identify, understand and handle dementia 
  • Exploring behavioural approaches to long-term dementia care and management 
  • Utilising technology to supplement human care as a part of dementia care to enhance patient safety 

Maree McCabe, Chief Executive Officer, Dementia Australia 


3:10 pm | Afternoon Tea 


3:40 pm | Promoting a culture of safety and quality within aged care 

  • Implementing governance systems that promote a culture of dignity and care 
  • Engaging staff in an interactive dialogue to improve outcomes for older Australians 
  • Bringing together different roles within the aged care ecosystem to create quality experiences 

Christopher How, Chief Executive Officer, Bethanie 


4:10 pm | Driving customer centricity in aged care 

  • Understanding how customer-centric your organisation is 
  • Evolving service delivery in consultation with consumers 
  • Aligning people, culture, and processes to enhance customer-centricity 
  • The role of governance to ensure customer-centric approaches to care 

Tom Lyons, Managing Director, Black Swan Care UK  


4:40 pm | Closing remarks from the chair and close of day two 

9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Workshop A: Embedding quality and safety into organisational culture 


Quality and safety are at the very heart of the reform that is about to take place within the aged care sector. Ensuring the quality and safety of service delivery will be the responsibility of every employee in aged care – it will need to be embedded into and reinforced by organisational culture. With the aged care sector on the cusp of reform, it’s never been more important for executives to shape organisational culture for the better and leverage its ability to transform service delivery. 


This collaborative workshop will give participants a hands-on opportunity to unpack change management in the context of improving organisational culture, and collaborate to develop an organisational culture that ensures the safety and wellbeing of service recipients. 


Attendees to this workshop will learn how to: 

  • Enhance teamwork, communication and leadership in order to positively influence organisational culture 
  • Implement change in a resource poor environment 
  • Encourage input from staff members regarding process improvement 
  • Empower staff with the leadership and practical skills to deliver quality aged care 

1:00 – 4:00 pm | Workshop B: Positioning the aged care sector as the workplace of choice 


It is estimated that the aged care workforce will need to roughly triple to meet the demands and expectations placed upon it and deal with the rapidly increasing pressure that it is under. Attracting and retaining skilled, resilient and compassionate workers has always been one of the most critical factors in ensuring that service provision is characterised by care, dignity and respect. As the aged care sector transitions into the upcoming period of reform, ensuring that service providers have a strategy in place to attract and retain skilled workers will be of paramount importance. 


This collaborative workshop will provide an in depth look at how executives can shape their organisations to attract and retain skilled staff through appropriate mentoring, career progression and professional development. It will unpack the ways in which service providers can create pathways into the aged care workforce, upskill staff and ensure that.


This interactive workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to learn how to: 

  • Address the attraction and retention of skilled workers in the face of negative publicity 
  • Create pathways that spark interest in working in aged care for young people entering the workforce 
  • Utilise professional development and career advancement of workers as a retention and upskilling strategy 
  • Create a value proposition for a career in aged care 
  • Tackle perceptions and attitudes towards ageing and roles related to aged care 


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