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As costs continue to increase far more than revenue and the roll out of reform leaves aged care providers uncertain about the future of funding, are under immense financial pressure to survive. Providers will need to transform their delivery and funding models to succeed in this new era of consumer-directed care while delivering high standards to their clients. As the demand for aged care grows, now is the time to examine those key financial issues and take the next steps to achieving sustainability and growth.

The Aged Care Financial Leaders Forum is a concise two day conference with an additional one day Workshop.  This event is designed to bring financial leaders from Aged Care organizations and stakeholders from both Government and Australia’s aged care peak bodies together to discuss key financial challenges and opportunities in light of the outcomes of the Royal Commission into Aged Care this year.

Come and say hello to:

Who should attend from the Aged Care sector

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Heads of Finance and Commercial
  • Directors of Finance
  • Executive Managers of Finance
  • Chief Executive Officers

Key practical takeaways

  • Examine the latest aged care funding models
  • Identify the trends, opportunities and challenges in a changing funding landscape
  • Implement methods to enhance financially sustainable models into your operations
  • Discover tools to effectively manage the economics of aged care
  • Learn how to operate efficiently and innovatively under financial stress
  • Acquire knowledge to grow the business and stay competitive

Agenda Overview

CONFERENCE DAY 1 – 25TH September 2019
CONFERENCE DAY 2 – 26TH September 2019
CONFERENCE DAY 3 - 27TH September
  • 08:00
    Registration opens
  • 9:30
    Workshop 1: Tips & tools on how to improve financial sustainability as a provider - Grant Corderoy, Senior Partner, StewartBrown

    The workshop 

    As costs continue to increase, far more than revenue and the roll out of reform leaves providers uncertain about the future of funding. Providers across the industry are under immense financial pressure. The latest Stewart Brown report reflects this challenging financial climate, indicating 43% of aged care facilities are operating at a loss. 

    This interactive workshop will explore the success factors and practical strategies of leading aged care providers, tackling challenges of staffing and rostering, providing additional services, and getting the most out of ACFI. It offers a unique opportunity to hear in-depth insights on what you can be doing to ensure financial sustainability. 

    Why attend this workshop? 

    • Discuss how to effectively balance costs in a changing funding landscape 
    • Strategise on how to invest well to maximise your revenue and deliver improved quality 
    • Learn from best practice examples from across the industry 

    What you will take away by attending 

    • Tips and tools to maximise your ACFI funding and strategic investment in asset refurbishment 
    • Advice on effective workforce management for financial sustainability 
    • Strategies to boost occupancy and improve efficiencies 
    • Ideas and blueprints for providing additional services to strengthen your financial outlook 

  • 1:00
    Workshop 2: Now is the time to prepare! - Sharyn McIlwain, Principal Advisor, Residential Aged Care, LASA

    The Workshop 

    On 1st July this year the Aged Care Quality Standards came into effect and the prior set of four program specific standards for Residential Care, Home Care, Transition Care and the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Flexible Aged care Programs have been archived.  


     This Workshop will go through the processes you will need to embrace as part of your Action Plan and includes examining: 

    • How to continually align your systems, policies and practices with the Aged Care Quality Standards 
    • How to provide ongoing support for your staff in understanding the requirements of the new standards 
    • How to continually educate your clients to understand what the changes mean to them

    Why attend this Workshop 

    • Learn how to access the resource materials provided by Aged Care Quality Standards’ website 
    • Understand the mapping of the current Aged Care Quality Standards 
    • Ensure you gain thorough insight into the new Aged Care Quality Standards and your obligations 


    What you will take away 

    • Knowledge to ensure your organisation has successfully made the transition to Aged Care Quality Standards 
    • Answers for your staff to ensure they comply fully with the Aged Care Quality Standards. 
    • Readiness for unannounced accreditation visits. 


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