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Australia`s aged care sector is witnessing an unprecedented seismic shift in the way it operates.

The convergence of greater consumer empowerment, individual choice, evolving consumer demands, changes to government funding models and new governance structures are creating dynamic complexities for aged care providers striving to provide quality care whilst remaining economically sustainable.

The 4th Future of Aged Care Summit will arm attendees with practical tools and tactics to innovatively restructure operating models, redesign care delivery, service offerings, embed consumers in its core, implement alternative income streams in order to remain financially sustainable and drive business viability.

Come and say hello to:

Key Practical Takeaways

  • Navigate through complex changes without compromising on the quality of care
  • Attain insights into the effective methods to build and retain long term consumer trust
  • Identify opportunities for growth during volatile times
  • Discover methods to remain financially sustainable during times of change
  • Obtain innovative strategies to prepare for growth and scalability

    • Uncover strategies to adapt and survive in a changing sector
    • Build capability in agile change management
    • Acquire tools to design and implement operating process around the Aged Care Quality Standards
    • Adopt tools to strengthen and embed quality and governance in aged care operations

Agenda Overview

CONFERENCE DAY 1 – 25TH September 2019
CONFERENCE DAY 2 – 26TH September 2019
CONFERENCE DAY 3 - 27TH September
  • 8:00
    Registration Opens
  • 8:00
    Opening remarks from Chairperson
  • 9:00
    Adapting to changes swiftly whilst complying with regulations and standards

    • Moving from a compliance mind-set to a culture of quality  
    • How to develop better consumer-oriented systems and processes? 
    • Rethinking service offerings and designs in line with updated standards  

    Jocelyn Small  

    General Manager, Clinical Review, Strategy and Improvement 

    BlueCross Aged Care 

  • 9:50
    Adopting tools to strengthen and embedding quality and governance in aged care operations

      • Gaining insights into the benefits of the newly adopted person-centred software  
      • Achieving better management, visibility and reporting on the entire care delivery process  
      • Creating a competitive advantage by enabling greater transparency by enabling family to access resident information  

      Ada Cheng 

      Chief Executive Officer  

      Australian Nursing Home Foundation  

  • 10:00
    Thinking strategically and responding quickly

    • Recognising and responding to opportunities within the challenges  
    • Positioning organisations for future success 
    • Effectively balancing current priorities with longer-term goals  

    Dr. Rosy Walia  

    Chief Executive Officer  

    Multicultural Care  

  • 10:30
    Morning Refreshments
  • 11:00
    Panel Discussion

    Managing change management in the workforce to provide safe and quality care  

    • Workforce requirements and mandatory compliance – Finding the right balance  
    • Understanding, managing, and engaging staff expectations in times of change  
    • Empowering staff and valuing their roles to foster strong consumer focus  
    • Tips to develop learning and development opportunities  

    Chris Grover 

    Chief Executive Officer 


    Michael Bleasdale  

    Chief Executive Officer 

    The A.C.T. Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS) 

    Michael Darragh 

    Chief Executive Officer 

    Sawtell Catholic Care of the Aged 

  • 11:40
    Re-imagining rights: The role of advocacy in safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of older people

    • Advocacy in the context of the Royal Commission and the introduction of the new Aged Care Standards  
    • The role of Advocacy in assisting older people to exercise their rights articulated in the Aged Care Charter of Rights  
    • Valuing people’s choice and ability to make decisions – Protocols around EPOAs 

    Michael Bleasdale  

    Chief Executive Officer 

    The A.C.T. Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS)

  • 12:40
    Working Luncheon
  • 1:40
    Unearthing the importance of people in the change management process

    • How to manage people through the complexities of change  
    • Driving successful transformation by balancing people and processes  

    Therese Adami  

    General Manager Home and Community  

    Catholic Healthcare 

    2:10 Gaining insights into successful strategies when undertaking transformation

    • Facing towards the customer: What it really takes to move from a compliance, government orientation to a customer orientation  
    • Analysing lesson from the trenches – Implementing a genuine enterprise-wide customer experience strategy  
    • Managing change in mind-set and processes and what it takes to bring people along the journey  

    Nicola Reynolds  

    General Manager Customer, Innovation and Marketing  


  • 2:40
    Roundtable Group Discussions

    • Roundtable 1 What are the obstacles to change and transformation? Roundtable 2  What are the recent impaction of the new standards on operations? Roundtable 3 What are the keys to surviving a volatile sector?  

  • 3:20
    Afternoon Refreshments
  • 3:50
    Protecting your organisation in a consumer-driven market

    • Outlining the need for continuous risk management and quality improvement  
    • Understanding consumer related risk variables and its effective on operations 
    • Implementing strong clinical governance to prevent unforeseen incidents  

    Nathan Klinge  

    Chief Executive Officer 

    RSL Care SA

  • 4:20
    Building, maintaining, gaining and retaining consumer trust

      • How to overcome negative public opinion? 
      • Working towards achieving a model of care that is centred around the needs of consumers 
      • Collaborating with consumers and their families to create a much-needed sense of purpose and meaning  

      Robin Christelow  

      Chief Executive Officer 

      Forest Lake Lodge

  • 4:50
    Closing remarks from the Chair and end of day one


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