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As the population of Australia ages, aged care facilities are under mounting pressure to provide superior services to customers in an increasingly competitive market. Service providers that succeed in the future will be those agile enough to harness the possibilities of new technologies and rapidly scale in order to meet new customer demands and attract government support. Technology has transformed the banking, airline, hotel, taxi, phone, photography and music industries, and now aged care needs to be disrupted.

4 Key Drivers

  • 1. Enabling innovation and technology investments in the aged care sector
  • 2. Technologies and innovations to support operational and business outcomes
  • 3. Improving quality in customer directed care through technology
  • 4. Technologies to help keep residents connected in aged care

2020 Speakers

Attend this summit and learn how to:

Examine the impact of the Royal Commission on aged care technology and service delivery 

Winning the war on talent acquisition 

Tech and analytics to inform your people strategy  

Culture, change and transformation

Managing an evolving and turbulent industry 

Agenda Overview - Coming Soon


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