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Niamh Condon contributor

I finally found my Mojo with Food!!! I always thought that my dream job was to have a delicatessen style coffee shop with a fast-paced daily routine, where the focus was on good food presented well. But it wasn't until, they needed a relief chef in the local nursing home, that I fell in love with food from a different perspective. From cooking food because people wanted a meal; to cooking a food because people needed a meal!! My outlook on food production took on a role of its own, especially as I wanted to learn all I could about aged care cooking. Different diets needed to be catered for. Whether they be; low fat; diabetic; texture modified; or high calorie fortified foods. The list is endless, and I still can't get enough! My passion for creating food for people to enjoy can be somewhat intense, but I firmly believe that you CAN have your cake and eat it!!! My Journey with this type of cooking has led me to try and encourage others to put the love back into their cooking and give people joy at each meal!