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2021 Top 10 World Ranking Children’s Hospitals in Australia


Children are a treasure, and helping them grow into their best selves is, for some, one of life’s greatest missions. That’s why when a child is sick, it is not only a need but a right for them to have access to a good healthcare facility that can take care of them and properly nurse them back to health.

But not every hospital is the perfect fit to cater to a child’s needs. Caring for kids needs a specific set of facilities and individuals that must be vetted by the proper individuals. For parents, a children’s hospital is the only way to go.

What is the difference?

A hospital specified to care for children and younger people is different from a standard hospital due to the people that work in one, and its facilities. Children need a more understanding form of talking-to because of their level of understanding and fears in a strange environment, so people like specialized doctors and nurses undergo different training to meet these needs.

The facilities are also more child-friendly, with lower beds and colorful walls to make kids feel at ease, as well as minimize difficulty. The services are also more targeted to make younger patients feel less bothered by medical procedures.

Top 10 Children’s Hospitals in Australia 2021

These are the following top-performing children’s hospitals recorded by Hospitals Webometrics for the year 2021. This list also includes each centre’s world ranking.

Ranking Children’s Hospitals in Australia World Ranking
1 Royal Children’s Hospital 53
2 Tasmania Royal Hobart Hospital 125
3 Baker Heart Research Institute 148
4 Children’s Hospital at Westmead 223
5 Royal Adelaide Hospital 259
6 St. John of God Health Care 446
7 King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women 520
8 Cancer Institute NSW 543
9 Hunter New England Health 633
10 Austin Health 724



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